Sebastian Church Builders Orangeries

When your home needs an extra room, and an extension would be perfect, consider a Sebastian Church bespoke designed orangery with a high lantern ceiling. From first concept to completed structure, we have the skill and experience to bring your vision to reality.

Whereas an extension provides an extra bedroom, or enlarges the kitchen, or perhaps converts the dining room into a larger entertainment zone, an orangery attached to the home does all of this and provides much needed light into the heart of the home.

An orangery complements any home and has several distinct benefits:
– Permanent structure
– Elegance and convenience
– Multi-use
– Increases property value substantially

All of the orangeries we design are permanent structures, with all of the requisite planning permits, and built to last as long as the home. Whilst ideas have changed somewhat since the 18th century when orangeries really did house orange trees, it remains true that an orangery is a much loved addition to any home.

Over the years orangeries Godalming have doubled as elegant dining rooms by night and sunny sitting rooms by day. They also make wonderful elongations to existing rooms, or if the area is sufficient, may even enclose a heated swimming pool.

Every orangery is unique, no two are the same, and the finished design reflects the personality of the homeowner in every detail; from form to function, build to finish, and aesthetic to mood.

Sebastian Church offers three types of orangery, lantern, uPVC, and timber. Each will provide higher ceilings, the illusion of space, and if requested, stained glass panels may be fitted to upper windows for an authentic period appeal.

One of the more popular elements to include is a full or three quarter height brick wall to provide a sense of permanence, capped off with a short row of horizontally hinged lead lined windows if space permits. Staining the glass in various shades of Victorian era tones complete the ensemble.

Sebastian Church Builders are quite familiar with insulating and providing heating to any orangery, and our team have many years expertise ensuring that all our client projects are completed to specification, including the use of only the best fittings available in the UK.

Request a callback from one of our expert team members and discover the orangery you’ve always dreamed of. Sebastian Church Builders will take care of the design, permits, and construction exactly as you demand.